Monday, June 4, 2012

Bungee Jumping at Sunway Lagoon

Last year on 11/11/11, my brother, Taufiq and I decided to do something different on this particular date, so we decided to jump 21m above the ground/water while hoping the rope supporting us would prevent us plunging into our doom. Yes, we went bungy jumping at Sunway Lagoon theme park!

Malaysia's first bungy jump!
The bungy jump in Extreme Park, Sunway Lagoon is the first and currently only bungee jump in Malaysia. The company responsible for Sunway bungy jump is AJ Hackett, which is a reliable and experienced company on security and safety matters.

They are also behind the highest bungy jump in the world, 233m which is located in Macau. Acquiring that piece of information kind of did ease my nerves a bit since AJ Hackett have a clean and safe record so far.

The prices are as follows:
Sunway Lagoon entrance fee for 3 parks(Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park) :
Malaysian adult – RM60
Non-Malaysian – RM80

Bungee jump fee:
Malaysian- RM75
Non-Malaysian - RM130

Thus, I had to pay RM135 overall. After paying, they measured our weight and made us sign a contract. Then, off to the bungy platform we go!
The bungy platform
The platform is located at the pedestrian bridge overlooking the whole theme park. They have two safety harnesses, one at the waist and another at the feet and the person handling all the equipment were friendly and encouraging. That kind of helps a bit.

Despite being only 21m high, I was still petrified when looking down, thinking why in the world am I giving money to these people just to kill myself?
Putting on harnesses
Am about bout to jump!
However, I know there is no turning back so I gathered all my courage and just... jump.

I personally think one should keep their eyes open when free falling because it would be a waste if one does not. So I did keep my eyes open throughout the whole 5 seconds experience and it was worth it!

After all that, they gave us Certificate of Insanity!

Bungee jumping done! So, next would be um skydiving maybe? =)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inn Crowd Backpackers Hostel

InnCrowd with CNY deco
On 2011 Chinese New Year, I went to Singapore with two friends and we stayed at this cosy and value for money backpacker's hostel called InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel.

The hostel  is located along Dunlop Street in Little India. Its a bit of a walk to the nearest MRT station which is Bugis Station. But hey its cheap!

Dunlop Street
There are other hostels that are located nearer the MRT stations but they cost about 5dollars more and 5 dollars difference is a lot for a cheapskate person like me. Ahem. Besides I do not really mind walking.

No shoes allowed on the 1st floor

Anyways, my friends and I did not make any prior booking so we just find our way to the hostel and hoped for the best. Fortunately, they have a few empty dorm beds available so we just took it.

InnCrowd provide both dorms and private rooms. All the bathrooms are shared.

Dorm bed $20 per person
Twin room ( Two single beds) $59
Double Room ( One queen size bed) $59
Triple Room  $79
Our dorm

InnCrowd Backpackers hostel provides free breakfast daily in which you can prepare to your liking.

Make your own toast
You can make your own coffee or tea and take as many bread as you want to make toast with butter, jam or marmalade in the kitchen. Other than that, boiled eggs will be readily served on the kitchen counter for us to take as many as I wanted to.

Kitchen area

Other services and facilities provided are free wifi, bicycles rental, luggage storage and discount tickets to amusement parks. We got our Universal Studios tickets at $64 instead of $68 so yes we were quite please. Furthermore, there are a lot of choices to eat around the area.

Discount tickets
Free pc usage and wifi
Lounge area

To maintain backpackers atmosphere they ony allow guests age 17 and above. No children allowed.

We stayed there for two nights and when we checked out, the receptionist gave each of us ang pows because its Chinese New Year. Of course, I had a tiny hope that it was real money inside but there were only chocolate coins. =( Ah well.

Ang Pow!
Overall, the place is decently clean,staff are friendly, ambience are cosy and definitely value for money!

For more information, visit their site at

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Caving at Batu Caves

On a Saturday, March 2012, I went caving with a friend, Arif at Batu Caves.

Our caving slot was at 10am and my flight to Kuala Lumpur from Kuching was at 7am on the very same day. Hence, I rushed out of the airport and took the Rm 8 bus to KL Sentral and a ridiculous RM21 cab from KL Sentral to Batu Caves which is located in Gombak. Fortunately, both of us made it on time. But if anyone wants to save money on cab, you can always take the train from KL Sentral instead.
As soon as you arrived at the entrance, you will see a huge golden statue at the bottom of the stairs. To get to the cave you will need to climb the 200 steps of stairs! While climbing your way up, you will see a pathway on your left and a sign indicating where the cave is.
272 steps stairway to Batu Caves
There are two types of caving at Batu Caves. They are Educational Tour and Adventure Tour.
Educational Tour is a tour where the guide will guide you through the dry part of the cave and feed you all kinds of information on caves. This tour is about 45mins long and one can just wear normal clothing. The cost is only RM15.
The Adventure Tour is the one that my friend and I went for. For this tour, you must book at least few days prior before the caving date.
Prices are as follows:
Minimum 8 people- RM75 per person
Maximum 20 people – RM55 per person
Fortunately, my friend managed to book us both into this group of strangers consisted of 18 people. So, we only had to pay RM55!
This tour is about 3 hours long. You will go through dry and wet part of the cave and there will be climbing, crawling, waddling in water, going through small holes and etc. Since you are going to get muddy and wet, I strongly suggest everyone to wear old clothes and good gripping pair of shoes.

-Safety helmets
-Lockers to stash your belongings

What to bring:
-Torchlight (compulsory)
-Extra cloths
-Towel and toiletries
-Water and some snacks
- Camera (Put in a plastic bag)

Before going in the cave, we were given a briefing and at the same time Arif and I just befriended the group of people. They were really nice and we had a lot of fun.
Arif and I, both at left and some of our new found friends

Before entering the wet part of the tour
Crouching in water
Climbing on slippery rocks
When all is done, we were soaked and muddy from top to bottom! Showers costing RM1 per entry are provided at the foot of Batu Caves stairs. Anyways, the experience was great! I would definitely go caving again.

Post caving: All muddy and wet

Jonker 88

The second time I went to Malacca was during New Year Eve’s 2012 to visit a friend. I took the bus from Bandar Tasik Selatan bus station to Malacca Sentral. A one way bus ticket cost around RM12.50 depending on which bus company you take and the journey is about two hours.

Happy 2012!
This second time in Malacca, I paid a visit to a little eatery called Jonker 88. This place has one of the best cendol ever! Its so good that I felt compelled to write about it.

If you are ever in Malacca, other than visiting the must-see A Famosa, please go to Jonker 88 and have its famous mouth watering laksa and thirst quenching cendol.

Jonker 88 is located along Jonker Street opposite Geographer Cafe. The place opens up at 10.30am and closes at 10pm. To eat here, one must queue, order and get their food or drinks at the entrance and then go in find a table to eat.
The place is small and usually very crowded so you might end up standing awkwardly with your laksa in hand waiting for people to leave their table. The leaving turnover however is usually very fast, so you do not need to wait very long. People know it’s not a place to hang out and chill. So after eating, people would just leave.
My friend, Ila and I went there at 10am and there was already a queue outside!

Queuing on a hot day

That’s how famously yummy the food/drink/cendol whatever is!
Anyways, there are various selections of laksa and cendol on the menu all at a reasonable price. All costing below RM10.
Thirst quenching cendol!

Ila and I both ordered baba nyonya laksa,RM5 and normal cendol, RM2.50 each. After waiting and eyeing people like a hawk for like 5 minutes, we got a table and ate to our hearts content.

Delicious laksa and I absolutely love the ambiance. So quaint!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last Friday night was fun!
It may not went perfectly as i hoped it to be but i enjoyed the night nevertheless.

Since its our final semester together, classmates and i decided on a little buffet dinner class party. We all agreed to do it at Haven, Look-Out-Point at Bukit Ampang.

Upon arrival

The theme was black,white and grey. Boring colours, no? I initially opposed but in the end reluctantly agreed with the majorities.=(

Oddly, there were a few who did not complied with the theme that night.
Anyways, I wanted to buy a new dress for the occasion but cant seem to find any that goes with my sad budget and liking so i just wore what i already have.
The food at Haven was just so-so which i find quite disappointing since i planned to eat a lot but the view was breathtaking though.

The view is very cantik


After eating, we played 2 games. Musical chairs( childish game but fun still!) and charades! Everyone seems to be in competitive mode, which makes it all exciting. =)

Farah&Anis. Emcees


Musical chair


I was out early during the musical chair,=( but my awesome teammates farah,mimi,ammar,wanie,idayu) and i won the charades round. Heee.


There were a few performances by different groups & individuals.


We performed more than words, bad romance & standing in the eyes

Exchanging gifts

Hazman got my cheapskate n lame gift.

Anddddd i was voted queen of the night. Heh.

The 'King' and I

DIA 07/07

My, how time flies.
Our three years journey of ups and downs together is almost over, then we wont be seeing much of each other again...=(

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just so

I know some people have this fear of being alone but i find its not so bad.
I have always like doing things alone. In fact, i enjoy it. Going out and about exploring new places, shopping, trying new food and doing other stuff alone. I just love the freedom to do anything I want and at my own time.

Anyways, Ive always wanted to go backpacking alone.
Well someday i will.
When i have sufficient cash & also there are safety issues to be concern about.
There are just so many places i would like to travel, see and do!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Its still January so I'm still not too late for my 2010 post. =)

In the year 2009,

-I had passed all my final tests for both semesters! One sem quite hebat and the other not so hebat but no matter i still passed. Yay!

-Someone stole my favourite running shoes. At least i think it has been stolen. I can’t find it anywhere!

-I had two awful job experiences with Nasrin. Huhu.


-I bought my first guitar with the money that i earned from one of those awful jobs.

-I went on a trip to Langkawi/Kedah with my classmates.


-I went to Malacca for the first time.

With Nieja

-I went to see Manchester United LIVE all thanks to Jon!

Next match will be at Old Trafford with me good ol dad!

-I went to an AAR concert! My favourite band ever since i first heard Swing2. Next time will be with Nasrin for sure! No excuses!

'Move Along, move along just to make it through'

-I went to Mr Mraz’s concert!


-I lost my unopened birthday present from Arif. And its freakin expensive which makes me even more guilty =(

I think this is the last pic of that red bag

-I lost my cat...


-I turned 2 decades old.


-I got admitted in a hospital for the first time. Horrible experience.

-I lost the precious pretty keychain that mum bought me for my birthday present. =(

-I hit a car and my cousins and siblings just told me to run away. And so i did. But i left a sorry note on the car though. Huhu.

That day

And etc,etc. Anywayssss, it was a pretty good year despite all the mistakes that i did and all the bad shit that happens. I don’t have any regrets except for the part where i misplaced my birthday presents. But owell the past is the past.

And my friends, although i don’t have many but they have been awesome throughout the year!

Deepa. I only see her once a sem nw but we always have such an awesome time together! Talk non-stop & she as usual always tak tau malu in public.=)))

Jon. The only guy i can talk bout just anything to.=)

Terecia. Awesome friend and unbelievably good listener.

Ila,Fadh & Farah. College mates whom i will nvr forget.

Arif&Aizat. One word ' Awesome'!

Nasrin,Nieja,Pque. Need i say more?

And family. Especially dad. Although, his sarcasm always hurts but he's still the coolest.=)

Family. At Steamboat Garden celebrating parents' anniversary. Food is sooooo sedap. Nysot & Udin are were not there tho =(

Aisyah! Awesomest cousin ever

I am forever grateful to have these people in my life.

Random thought. They say diamonds are girls best friends kan?

Well, call me weird, but i have always find all those diamond, crystal, gold or silver jewelleries;


I don’t know why i see nothing special in them when others find them beautiful. I find the ethnic/woodsy kind of jewelleries quite pretty though.

Anywaysssss, Hello 2010!

I only have two new year's resolution and they are;

Be frugal and Graduate diploma with cgpa3++! Go me!

Happy 2010 everyone!